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 Since 2019 it becomes mandated to submit documents on payments for public pension at time of permanent resident (PR) application, on top to the ones on payments for public health insurance. Immigration Office reviews the payment status for the latest two years, based on the documents submitted. PR application would be denied, in case there is any arrear or late payment.

 It is not typically an issue for a world talent working on full-time basis, because payments for health insurance and pension are done by an employer through deduction from salary. A spouse of a full-time working world talent however can end up with arrears or late payments, when a spouse is permitted to work on part-time basis, earns more than a threshold amount and becomes an independent insured person for health insurance and pension. PR application of a world talent would be denied even when his / her spouse has arrears or late payments, because the world talent as a main householder is also responsible for the spouse’s payments being made without fail and on time.

Preparatory Services for Applicants of Permanent Resident

 Anshin Services would advise an applicant that PR application is likely to be denied due to an issue in payments for public health insurance and/or pension insurance. Should it happen, it is recommended to change payment method to automatic withdrawal from your bank account so that arrears or late payments will not happen in the future, and then to apply for PR only after rectifying the payment issue for one to two years. For those who need support for changing the payment method, Anshin Services provides preparatory services for PR application as follows.

Services and Cost (Fee, Expenses, Credit)

  • Services: Supporting an PR applicant to improve payment status for social security (health insurance and pension) by diagnosing current status, recommending ways to improve and assisting an applicant to implement improvements.
    • Diagnose: Current payment status for social security (health insurance and pension)
    • Recommend: Alternative payment methods with little chance of arrears or late payments to improve the current status
    • Assist: when a request is raised to change payment method.
  • Fee
    • National Health Insurance: JPY 5,000 per person
    • National Pension: JPY 5,000 per person
  • Expenses
    • Postal, Transportation and other expenses: Charged at cost
  • Credit
    • Fee paid for this preparatory services will be credited as a part of fee for supporting services of PR application itself later on, in case the PR application support services are contracted with Anshin Services.