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Reference: Japan Law Translation – Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

(永住許可)(Permission for Permanent Residence)

第二十二条 在留資格を変更しようとする外国人で永住者の在留資格への変更を希望するものは、法務省令で定める手続により、法務大臣に対し永住許可を申請しなければならない。

Article 22 (1) Any Foreign National who wishes to change their status of residence to that of “Permanent Resident” must apply to the Minister of Justice for permission for permanent residence in accordance with the procedures provided for by Ministry of Justice Order.

2 前項の申請があつた場合には、法務大臣は、その者が次の各号に適合し、かつ、その者の永住が日本国の利益に合すると認めたときに限り、これを許可することができる。ただし、その者が日本人、永住許可を受けている者又は特別永住者の配偶者又は子である場合においては、次の各号に適合することを要しない。

(2) When an application as set forth in the preceding paragraph has been submitted, the Minister of Justice may grant permission only when the Minister finds that the Foreign National conforms to the following items and that their permanent residence will be in accordance with the interests of Japan; provided, however, that the following items do not have to be conformed to in the case of spouses and children of Japanese nationals, of residents with permanent residence status or of Special Permanent Residents:

一 素行が善良であること。

(i) the Foreign National’s behavior and conduct must be good; and

二 独立の生計を営むに足りる資産又は技能を有すること。

(ii) the Foreign National must have sufficient assets or skills to make an independent living.

3 法務大臣は、前項の許可をする場合には、入国審査官に、当該許可に係る外国人に対し在留カードを交付させるものとする。この場合において、その許可は、当該在留カードの交付のあつた時に、その効力を生ずる。

(3) When the permission set forth in the preceding paragraph has been granted, the Minister of Justice is to have an Immigration Inspector issue a residence card to the Foreign National who was granted the permission. In this case, the permission comes into effective at the time of the issuance of the residence card.

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