Japanese Version

Reference: MOJ Immigration Bureau Q&A (Japanese) – See Q7 and A in this page

(Translated and highlighted in bold by Anshin Immigration and Social Security Services)

Q7 Letter of Guarantee is among the documents to be submitted. What is the guarantor? What kinds of responsibilities would a guarantor have to assume when it requires?

A. A guarantor in Immigration Laws is a person who promises the Minister of Justice to financially support a guarantee and to guide a guarantee in compliance with laws and regulations when it requires, so that the guarantee can fulfill objectives of residence in Japan with stability and continuity. Submission of the Letter of Guarantee does not however legally enforce the guarantor to perform the support nor the guidance to the guarantee, though the guarantor is asked to do so. Should the guarantor fail to do so, s/he would be judged inadequate as a guarantor for other guarantees in Immigration Laws in the future. This means that the submission of the letter imposes the guarantor moral responsibility not legal liability.

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