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 An applicant is allowed to visit and meet an immigration officer, if his/her PR application is unfortunately denied. At the meeting an officer tells an applicant reasons for denial in details. Though it is not mandatory but optional to do so, it is highly recommended to have this meeting if an applicant plans to re-apply for PR in the future. It is because such details are usually not written in an immigration notice letter of denial. Re-application is likely to be denied again if it is submitted without knowing the reasons and thus not correcting them prior to re-application.

 This immigration meeting can be attended by an applicant. An agent can also attend the meeting as well in case the agent has submitted an application on behalf. Some regional immigration bureaus allow a certified agent to attend if an applicant specifically requests the attendance even when the agent has not be involved in the application. (At time of writing this article in March 2021, Tokyo Immigration Bureau follows this practice.)

 This immigration meeting is run verbally only in Japanese. No recording is permitted. It would be worth considering to bring in a certified immigration lawyer to the meeting, especially if you feel that your Japanese language skills falling short of to effectively understand reasons in spoken Japanese. Anshin Services provides attendant service to those who live in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba or Saitama prefectures and need a bilingual assistant with expertise in Immigration and Social Securities Laws of Japan.

Service in Details (Service Offering, Fee, Expenses, Credit)

  • Service Offering: for a PR applicant, whose application is unfortunately turned down and denied, to attend a meeting at immigration office, understand reasons behind, review reasons with an applicant and recommend approaches for re-application. This service is provided in the following steps:
    • Scheduling a date of a meeting at Immigration Office.
    • Reviewing PR application, that is denied, in details to prepare for the meeting.
    • Attending the meeting at Immigration Office to understand reasons for denial and doing English and Japanese interpretation if so required.
    • Recommending approaches towards re-application based on the reasons.
  • Fee
    • JPY 30,000 (excluding tax) for an end to end of the service offering for a single PR application denial
  • Expenses
    • Postal, transportation and other expenses. Charged at actual cost.
  • Credit
    • Fee paid for this attendant service will be credited as a part of fee for supporting services of PR re-application later on, in case the PR re-application support services are contracted with Anshin Services.