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Initial Consultation: Free of Charge for 30 minutes

Initial consultation is free of charge up to 30 minutes for consultation over phone or meeting, which is approximately up to two to three responses if provided over email communication.

Fees are estimated after the initial consultation. The estimation is based on standard prices in the following.

Standard Prices

Please find the standard prices in this page.

Engagement Process:

Engagement process consists of three phases as you see in a diagram below:
  1: Case Evaluation
  2: Quote and Engagement
  3: Fulfillment

1: Case Evaluation

A goal of this phase is for an attorney to understand client’s needs correctly and in details. To facilitate it, a questionnaire is answered by a client, which is then analyzed and evaluated by an attorney.

2: Quote and Engagement

A goal of this phase is for a client and an attorney to agree on support service offering and its fee and to sign off an engagement contract. To do so, based on the evaluation in the previous phase, an attorney provides and explains a client a proposal document and a quotation.

Should a client agrees with the proposal and the quotation, an engagement agreement is signed off. In principle, 50% of service fee quoted is requested to be paid as an initial fee to start the engagement. (See below for payment methods accepted).

3: Fulfillment

A goal of this phase is for an attorney to fulfill its support services, as agreed in the previous phase, and help a client to successfully achieve objectives. This phase is commenced after the initial fee payment. A reminder of fee along with actual expenses is charged at end of this phase.

Payment Options:

Payment options accepted are as follows. Details (e.g. bank account number, etc.) are provided in an quotation or other document during the Quote and Engagement phase.

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card (PayPal)
  • Smartphone Payment (PayPay, AliPay)
ペイパル|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB