Japanese Version

Shuji Yamaguchi

Legal Services

  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
  • Copyright Adviser
  • Labor and Social Security Attorney
  • Technical Intern Program – External Auditor
  • Job Placement Specialist
  • Real Estate Specialist

Information Technologies

  • Registered Information Security Specialist
  • IT System Auditor
  • PMP
  • ITIL
  • (many others)


  • Japanese (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Chinese (Basic)

B.Eng. – Industrial Engineering
  @ Tokyo Institute of Technology
M.S. – Computer Science
  @ University of Southern California
Fellow – Natural Language Processing
  @ Stanford University

Worked at a number of companies in Japan as Software Developer, Technical Lead, Project Manager and Head of IT departments.

Very impressed when studied in the US that foreign students there stayed on and contributed to US advantages in technologies and innovations.

That experience has led me to start services to help support “anshin” – comfort at work, comfort in life, comfort with family and comfort at home – of the world talents in Japan, so that Japan becomes a more attractive nation of choice.