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 This page summarizes COVID-19 (Corona virus) subsidy of Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan, “Tokyo Infection Expansion Prevention Cooperation Fund”. This subsidy is paid to a Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) or an one-person business owner who has followed the closure request of Tokyo Governor dated April 10th 2020 and closed their facilities in Tokyo for all day long or at nights. Anshin Services offers support to SMEs in Chiyoda ward at no charge who are applying for this subsidy. Those interested should contact it by dropping a mail.

Who can apply?

 An business owner, who meets qualifications below, can apply for this subsidy.

  1. A Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) or an one-person business
  2. who has a shop or a facility in Tokyo that is designated as a target for the closure request, AND
  3. who has closed the shop or the facility for all day long or at nights throughout a period between April 11th (or 16th at the latest) and May 6th, in order to cooperate with Tokyo government, AND
  4. who has nothing to do with gangs or anti-social forces.

#1 “Small-Medium Enterprises (SME)”

 SME here means the one as defined in Small Medium Enterprise Basic Act either in amount of capital or in number of regular workers. See this page of this site for more details on the SME definition.

#2 ”Targets for the closure request”

 Tokyo government has published a list of target facilities for the closure request (linked to a Japanese web site).This list shows which types of facility are the target and which are not. Please use language buttons at top of the page to machine translate it into English and other languages. Its English version is stored in a PDF file below.

 Now you look into the list and match your facility against those in the list. If either of the following two criteria is true, then you meet this #2 qualification above.

  • Your facility is marked as “Target” in the “Suspended request” (3rd column from the left), which is called as a “target facility” in this article, OR
  • Your facility belongs to “Meal offer facilities” type, i.e. restaurant, coffee shop, sweets, etc. in page 5 – 6 of the PDF file above, which is called as “restaurant and others” in this article.
    • Note that though facilities in this “meal offer facilities” type are all marked as “Non-applicable” a business owner of a facility in this type (“restaurant and others”) is still eligible to apply in case the owner closes his/her facility as in the #3 qualification below.

#3 “Close the shop or the facility for all day long or at nights”

 If your facility has been closed as follows, it meets the #3 qualification.

  • Target Facility: is closed for all day long
  • Restaurant and others: is closed for all day long OR at nights to shorten business hours
    • At nights to shorten business hours” here means as follows:
      • A facility was open for some hours between 8 PM and 5 AM in the past.
      • It is now closed at nights completely from 8 PM until 5 PM AND it now stops serving alcoholic beverages after 7 PM.

How much will be paid?

 JPY 500,000 is paid as an once-off subsidy for a single facility. In case two or more facilities in Tokyo are closed, the amount is doubled to JPY 1,000,000.

How to apply?

 Application procedures are summarized as follows.

  1. Prepare application documents.
  2. Have the documents verified by a Subject Matter Expert.
    • Note that this verification step is recommended by Tokyo government but is optional.
  3. Submit the application either online, by post or by bringing in-person.
  4. Tokyo government reviews the application, makes judgement on subsidy payment and informs an applicant of their judgement.

“Subject Matter Expert”

 The following are designated by Tokyo government as the subject matter expert who can perform the verification in the step #2 above.

  • Blue Form Tax Association, “Aoiro-Shinkoku-Kai”, in Tokyo
  • Tax Accountant
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Small Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
  • Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, “Gyousei-Shoshi”

When to apply? When subsidy to be paid?

  • Application is accepted if submitted between April 22nd and June 15th, 2020.
  • Subsidy payment starts in early May.

Support by Anshin Services

 As a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, Anshin Immigration and Social Security Services provides the verification support for free-of-charge to a business owner having a shop or a facility in Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. Should you be interested, please contact by mail. In case there are more requests for support than what Anshin Services can handle, your request might be turned down. Thank you for your understanding in advance.