Permanent Resident (PR): Fast-Track Application as Highly Skilled Professional (HSP)

Japanese Version

 It is well known that a world talent in Japan can apply for Permanent Resident (PR) visa after living in Japan for 10 years or longer. It is however relatively less known that a number of fast-track applications exist that require shorter duration of residency in Japan than the regular 10 year requirement.

 Among such fast-track applications, this blog post focuses on the ones as Highly Skilled Professional (HSP). In short, a world talent meeting the following criteria becomes eligible to apply Japan’s PR visa after staying in Japan for 1 year or 3 years continuously:

  1. Proving HSP Point of 80 or above, both at time of PR application and one year ago:
    • Eligible to apply for PR after 1 year of continuous residency
  2. Proving HSP Point of 70 or above, both at time of PR application and three years ago:
    • Eligible to apply for PR after 3 year of continuous residency

 Please see more details at the following slides:



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