Permanent Resident (PR): Attendant Service – First Step if Your PR Application is Unfortunately Denied

Japanese Version

 An applicant is allowed to visit and meet an immigration officer, if his/her PR application is unfortunately denied or rejected. At the meeting an officer tells an applicant reasons for denial in details. This immigration meeting can be attended by an applicant himself / herself. An agent can also attend the meeting as well in case the agent has submitted his/her application on behalf. Some regional immigration bureaus allow a certified agent to attend if an applicant specifically requests the attendance even when the agent has not be involved in the application. 

 This immigration meeting is run verbally only in Japanese. No recording is permitted. It would be worth considering to bring in a certified immigration lawyer to the meeting, especially if you feel that your Japanese language skills are not proficient enough to effectively understand reasons in spoken Japanese. Anshin Services provides attendant service to those who live in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba or Saitama prefectures and need a bilingual assistant with expertise in Immigration and Social Securities Laws of Japan.

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