Immigration: Permanent Residency (PR) – Relaxation in Requirement of Continuous Residency due to COVID

Japanese Version

 Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has announced in August 2020 that continuous residency requirement of PR application is relaxed, considering re-entry restrictions imposed due to Corona virus COVID-19.

In case residency in Japan is discontinued because re-entry permission is expired and because the expiration is due to immigration restrictions for Coronavirus or COVID-19, the discontinuity is not taken as a break in continuous residency in Japan when it is reviewed in light of eligibility for Permanent Resident (PR). This exception can be applied when the following conditions are met:

– Expiration date of (special) re-entry permission is any date between January 1st 2020 and 6+ months after border restrictions are lifted, and

– S/he enters into Japan within valid period of visa issued.

 To claim application of this COVID exceptional rule, a note should be submitted as a part of PR application document set. MOJ has a template for the note, which is available at a link within Immigration Office document below: