Immigration – Highly Skilled Professional (HSP): Target set to increase cumulative HSP permissions up to 40,000 by end of 2022

Japanese Version

 In July 2020 as a part of its growth strategies, Japanese government sets a KPI target to increase Highly Skilled Professionals (HSP) and its cumulative permissions up to 40,000 by end of 2022. This means that HSP permissions for the next 1.5 years should be 16,000 or more to meet the target as cumulative number of HSP permissions as of end June 2020 is around 24,000. It is rather aggressive since it requires to nearly double pace of the permissions, up to 5,000 to 6,000 permissions every 6 months which is currently around 3,000.

 Of course, this does not mean that Immigration Office would make it easier to grant HSP permission. It is however possible that the office may revise HSP point criteria or shorten time to review HSP applications in order to facilitate HSP applications and permissions. It would be therefore a good idea to consider applying for HSP to enjoy its advantages.

 Details on HSP can be found at the following page in this web site.


HSP: Cumulative number of Permissions (as of end June 2020)


HSP: Number of Residents with home country breakdown (as of end Dec 2019)