MOJ Guidelines for Permanent Resident Revised

Japanese Version

The guidelines has been revised on May 31st 2019. Terms in bold font below in the (3) national interest requirements are added to the previous version dated April 26th 2017. Please note that the MOJ guidelines in English itself has not yet been revised to incorporate the revisions in the original Japanese version (as of early July 2019). What you see below in bold font are added by Anshin Immigration Services as reference.

(3) The person’s permanent residence is regarded to be in accord with the interests of Japan.

a) In principle, the person has stayed in Japan for more than 10 years consecutively. It is also required that during his/her stay in Japan the person has had work permit (excluding Technical Intern Training and Designated Skilled Labor (I) ) or the status of residence for more than 5 years consecutively.

b) The person has been never sentenced to a fine or imprisonment. The person fulfills public duties such as tax payment, payment of premium for public pensions and health insurance and compliance with reporting requirements of notifiable changes in residence status as defined in Immigration Laws.

a: This revision is to clarify that duration of residence as Technical Internship Trainee or Designated Skilled Labor (I) is not counted for the 5 year requirement in this term.

b: This revision is to explicitly state the following as public duties that are what an applicant has to follow:

  • Payments of premium for public pension and health insurance, and
  • Compliance with requirements of residence related reporting to Immigration Bureau

Based on this revision b, MOJ has added relevant certificates as a part of an application document set for Permanent Resident. Please refer to the application document MOJ page hyperlinked below (though it is in Japanese) for details.

Link: MOJ – Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence

Link: MOJ – Permanent Resident 3 – Application Documents ( an example for Engineer/ Specialist Humanities/ International Services) (Japanese)