Hotlines for counseling over employment and work conditions – now available in 8 languages

Japanese Version

Labor Bureaus of Japanese government (MHLW) provide counseling service for employers and employees over labor regulations and work conditions at their offices. Such counseling is provided also over phone in Japanese and major languages during office hours of weekdays. So-called “hotline over work conditions” telephone service was available outside of the office hours, but only in Japanese.

As one of recent Japan’s pro-immigration policies, this “hotline” service is made available now in 8 major languages on top to Japanese since April 2019: in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Myanmar and Nepali. This makes it easy to get counseling with less restriction in location, time or language. It is expected to empower world talents in Japan to raise a voice in case they are put under substandard work conditions.

Link: MWLH Counseling Services and Hotlines in Foreign Languages (English)
Link: MOJ The recent Japan’s pro-immigration policies (Japanese)