Immigration: Latest Information on Entry and Activity Restrictions of Japan for COVID19

Japanese Version

 Restrictions over entry into Japan and activities after entry continues against foreign nationals due to COVID-19. It is expected that the restrictions are going to be eased over time, but there would be still ups and downs until things get back to normal.

 The restrictions are imposed in two stages. 1) Restrictions of Entry: to refuse entry of a foreign national Into Japan unless s/he meets criteria in force, 2) Restrictions of Activities: to request medical examination and stay-at-home (typically for 14 days) to those who are permitted to enter in the first stage 1).

 The following sites are official sites of Japanese government for information on these restrictions.

 There have been frequent changes on the restrictions due to dynamic situations of infections and severe cases. It is therefore recommended to regularly visit the sites for the latest information.

  1. Restrictions of Entry: Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Notice on Refusal of Landing
    • MOJ web site with the latest information available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean languages,
  2. Restrictions of Activities: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (HHLW) Border Control Measures

 The following sites also provide information on related restrictions. The first MOFA site should be useful to understand restrictions against entry of Japanese into other countries. The second site provides useful guidance on immigration of Technical Intern Trainees under the restrictions.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Coronavirus Restrictions of Foreign Countries against Travelers from Japan
    • MOFA web site in Japanese
  • Organization for Technical Intern Training (OTIT) Coronavirus
    • OTIT web site with links of documents relevant to COVID19, mainly in Japanese along with other languages esp. for the ones targeting foreign trainees.
    • For institutions administer or employ technical interns, this FAQ document (in Japanese) should be useful to understand processes to follow in various situations due to COVID19.