Permanent Resident (PR) Application: Notification duties as Mid-Long term Resident under Immigration Law

Japanese Version

 As in my previous blog post, MOJ (Ministry of Justice) has revised guidelines on review of PR application documents. In this revision, a new requirement is added: “the person fulfills public duties such as tax payment, payment of premium for public pensions and health insurance and compliance with reporting requirements of notifiable changes in residence status as defined in Immigration Law“. The duties defined in Immigration Law can be summarized as items #1 – #3 in the following section. Details on procedures to fulfill the duties can be found at MOJ site, Immigration Procedures.

Duties of Mid-Long term Resident under Immigration Law

  1. Compliance with regulations on residential status (including CoE, Change, Extension, Re-entry, Extra Activities)
  2. Compliance with regulations on residential card (including carry, presentation and renewal (for Permanent Resident and Highly Skilled Professional (ii))
  3. Notification of changes in residency (including home address, employers, spouse and other information of your residence card)

 Among these duties, what is often overlooked is notification concerning contracting organization, #3 in the list above. A mid to long term resident has to notify Immigration Office of change of your employer, e.g. when the resident moves from a company to the other. Your application for Permanent Residency would be turned down if you do not notify the office of your job change(s) in the past. It is recommended that you should suppress this negative impact against your PR application by notifying of your changes in the past even retrospectively in case you consider PR application in the future.

 This notification can be submitted over the counter at Immigration Office or by post. On top, Immigration Office runs a web-based system where you can submit notification online. Please find more details of the online system at the reference sites below.

Reference sites

  1. Immigration Bureau  – Procedures 
  2. Immigration Bureau – Online Notification System – Overview (Web site in Japanese)
  3. Immigration Bureau – Online Notification System – FAQ (PDF in English)
  4. Immigration Bureau – Online Notification System – Home page (You can switch languages by clicking your language selection at top of the page)