METI Subsidy to Sustain Small Businesses through COVID-19 Hardship: Up to JPY 2 M for Sales Decline by 50%+ against Last Year

Japanese Version

 This is subsidy administered by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to help businesses sustain through the downturn due to COVID-19. A Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) or an one-person business owner can apply in case it has any single month in 2020 when sales is declined by 50% or more against the same month last year.

 Subsidy amount is up to JPY 2M for a SME or up to JPY 1M for an one-person business. A company with less than JPY 1B capital (or with 2,000 workers or less in case no capital) is an eligible as the SME of this subsidy. This subsidy is for businesses in all of the industries, except the ones in entertainment industry, public sector, or being a political, religious organization. To be eligible, it is also required to have sales in 2019 or before and to aim to maintain its business operations going forwards.

 For those interested, further details can be found in this web site page.