Don’t forget to extend your MyNumber card, when Residential Status is extended

Japanese Version
  1. Residential records at local government office is updated automatically by government offices when residential status of a world talent is extended.
  2. MyNumber card however has to be extended by a world talent him/herself.
  3. It can be overlooked especially when residential status is “implicitly” extended for 2 months.

 Residential Status of a world talent managed by Immigration Office is automatically associated with residential records at local government offices. When residential status is extended after permission is granted for extension or status change application, the residential record at local government office is updated by government offices automatically. So that a world talent him/herself does not have to report the extension to a local government office.

 Expiration date of MyNumber card of a world talent is set to the same as expiration date of his/her residential card. Unlike the residential records, however, the expiration date of the MyNumber card is not automatically extended when the expiration date of residential card is extended when an application for extension or change of status is permitted. The world talent him/herself has to apply for MyNumber card extension at his/her local government office after the permission is granted.

 MyNumber card can be extended for 2 months, also when a world talent is conditionally and “implicitly” allowed to stay for maximum 2 months of the exceptional period (see below for definition of this exceptional period). As there is no explicit notice made about this exceptional 2 month extension, it can be overlooked.

  • Exceptional period: As long as an application for extension or change of status is accepted before status expiration date but is still under review by Immigration Office, the applicant is legally allowed to stay for 2 months at maximum beyond the expiration date waiting for completion of

 If you forget to extend and your MyNumber card is expired, your card becomes invalid and can no longer be used as an ID card. It is not illegal itself, but the card expiration date can no longer be extended. Only way to recover is to re-issue a new card, which costs a fee and takes time, e.g. a few months. To avoid such annoyance, It is recommended to extend it before it is expired.


  1. Paper MyNumber notice card has no expiration date, unlike a plastic MyNumber card discussed above. If you do not have your plastic MyNumber card, no extension is required.
  2. This My Number card extension at renewal of immigration residential status (visa) is not applicable to a holder of Permanent Resident, Highly Skilled Professional 2 and Special Permanent Resident whose status (visa) has no expiration. Even when the holder’s residential card itself is renewed every 7 years, s/he does not need to extend her/his My Number card expiration date. The holder’s My Number card is valid until 10th birthday since it’s issue date, the same as for a Japanese citizen. A local government office sends the holder a postal notice to remind the 10th birthday expiration a few months in advance. Please follow instructions in the notice for renewal.
  3. Unlike extension of status expiration date, change of home address always has to be reported to a local government office for new home address within 14 days of relocation. And you have to update address registered with your MyNumber card at the same time. For more information, please contact your local government office.

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