For Japan to become a “nation of choice” for the world talents.

Japanese Version

For Japan to become “a nation of choice” for the world talents.

Anshin Immigration Services helps support the world talents in Japan to enjoy comfort at work, in life, with family and in living in Japan.

The world talents contribute to technology advancement and social innovations.

The paradigm has been shifted and a new era has begun for the world talents to choose a nation (not vice versa) where the talents consider worth enough for spending their lives. Among such a race for the world talents, for Japan to enhance its attractiveness and become a “nation of choice”, Anshin Immigration Services provides comfort, “anshin” to the talents in Japan.

Anshin Immigration Services supports life in Japan from end to end, from entry and immigration to social security and housing, leveraging off the attorney’s extended practice areas.

The attorney can also consult the talents’ start-up venture business as a technology adviser as well, making use of his experience in IT as well as AI (Artificial Intelligence), on top to legal support.